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St Vincents takes delivery of the new da Vinci Si robot
15 July 2011

St Vincents Hospital took delivery of Intuitive Surgical's latest robot, the da Vinci Si. This robot now integrates a high definition 3D imaging system with up to 10X magnification, giving surgeons an unprecedented visual clarity. Commenting shortly after after performing his 700th robotic prostatectomy, A/Prof Stricker commented that he expected enhanced results from the new da Vinci Si Surgical System.

2010 News in review
29 December 2010

  1. Robotic radical prostatectomy debate

    February 2010 - A/Prof Phillip Stricker was invited by the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand to participate in a debate on the merits of robotic prostate surgery over open surgery. A/Prof Phillip Stricker, who has now done over 550 robotic radical prostatectomies at St Vincent's which is the most in New South Wales and one of the highest number now in Australasia and has also performed over 3000 cases of open radical prostatectomy, was in a unique situation to debate it's role. The results of the debate are available in Lifebuoy Issue 1 - 2010. It was generally felt that robotic assisted radicalprostatectomy offered some definite benefits over open surgery, but it was not universally accepted that it was the gold standard and in certain cancers, particularly in more advanced cancers, may not be the gold standard.

  2. PCFA National conference

    A/Prof Stricker was a keynote speaker to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia National Conference.

    A/Prof Stricker was asked to discuss three major topics. Firstly, how does one choose the best treatment in any individual patient with prostate cancer. Secondly, how does one manage the side effects of treatment and thirdly on the benefits and pitfalls of robotic surgery. These were well received.

    Further information on how does one choose is available on the DVD, 'How Do I Choose?' available on menshealthmatters.com.au and further information on robotic surgery is available on australianroboticsurgery.com.au. This site now details A/Prof Stricker's robotic results.

  3. Early recovery of continence after robotic surgery A/Prof Stricker was guest speaker at the World Robotic Symposium in Orlando.

    A/Prof Stricker spoke at the World Congress of Robotic Surgery describing his new technique of developing early urinary continence after robotic surgery. He described 99% return of continence and a much earlier return to continence with the new technique. These results are to be published.

  4. Integrative care for prostate cancer patients

    A/Prof Stricker was a keynote speaker at the Annual Australasian Integrative Medical Conference in Queensland in September 2010

    A/Prof Stricker described the integrative treatment for patients with prostate cancer .He emphasised the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. He also described the role of robotics for prostate cancer. He has also been invited to write the chapter on "Integrative Care of Prostate Cancer" in Professor Kerryn Phelps' and Professor Hassed's book on "Integrative Practice for General Practitioners" released in November 2010.

  5. 10th National Prostate Cancer Symposium

    A/Prof Stricker is invited as a guest speaker to the 10th National Prostate Cancer Symposium in Melbourne. He spoke on the new technique developed to maximum early continence after robotic surgery and some of his results, as well as reviewing the world literature.

  6. Choosing the right treatment ( the correct surgery and treatment for the right cancer and patient)

    A/Prof Stricker was invited as keynote speaker to the New Zealand National Urology Conference in November 2010. A/Prof Stricker described the most important factors in making a choice in management decisions in prostate cancer. The room was attended by New Zealand urologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. He also spoke on the role of prostate robotic and open surgery in 2010, explaining that robotic surgery offered clear advantages in patients with early cancer. However, he went onto say that in his hands the open technique remained the gold standard for people with locally advanced cancers. And that this would be the case for any experienced surgeon.. A/Prof Stricker presented 1200 of his last radical prostatectomies cases since 2006 (approximately 600 robotic and 600 open). The presentation was very well received.

New laser introduced at St Vincent's Hospital
November 2010

Associate Professor Stricker has commenced a new form of laser therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia using the biolitic laser technology. This is the first time this has been used in Australia and Prof Stricker is initially performing a trial at St Vincent's.

Preliminary results are excellent with patients being discharged within 24 hours and often within 12 hours of their surgery. There are now over 100 machines in the United States of America being used, but this is the first of its type being brought to Australia. It compares very favourably with the results of other forms of laser such as the green light laser.

Brachytherapy results outstanding but requires selection
November 2010

Associate Professor Stricker, recently with the Radiation Departments and Carlo Yuen and Phil Brenner, has reviewed the results of the low dose rate brachytherapy program at St Vincent's. After reviewing almost 400 cases, with over a 10 year followup in many cases, it has been found that the potential cure rate is excellent, except in those patients with extremely high volume disease. This has been presented nationally and is currently being written up for publication.

Dr 'Snuffy' Myers talk at the Garvan available on DVD
March 2010

Dr Myers (USA) is a medical oncologist, scientist, nutrition expert & prostate cancer survivor. He has over 250 research papers published & over 30 years of experience with this disease. He opened the Institute for Diseases of the Prostate in 2001 to provide men with the comprehensive care that saved his life. The St Vincents Prostate Cancer Center and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia were honoured to welcome Dr Myers to Australia in February. His talk at the Garvan Institute attracted a sellout crowd of over 300. The DVD of the talk is available at Mens Health Matters

Dr Myers DVD

Prostate cancer DVD launched at Parliament House
27 May 2009

The Treasurer, the Hon. Wayne Swan launched the prostate cancer DVD 'So How Do You Choose'; at a cocktail function held at Parliament House Canberra on Wednesday May 27th 2009. The DVD was produced by A/Prof. Phillip Stricker and the St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Centre through the financial support of Lang and Sue Walker and the Walker Foundation.

The DVD is a resource to enable the18,000 men who are diagnosed annually with prostate cancer in Australia to understand their treatment options and choose the best treatment for them. It aims to empower men to make the difficult decision between the various treatments currently available in a clear and personal way to achieve the best possible outcome in the treatment of their prostate cancer.

Mr Alan Jones AO was MC for the event and elaborated on his personal experience of being diagnosed with prostate cancer and subsequent treatment at St Vincent's. Other speakers included Mr Steve Rubic CEO St Vincent's and Mater Health Campus, Mr Paul Ramsay AO Chairman Ramsay Healthcare Ltd, A/Prof Phillip Stricker Chairman of the Urology Dept. St Vincent's Clinic and the Treasurer the Hon. Wayne Swan who also told the audience of the impact on himself and his family when diagnosed with the disease. The audience included members of Parliament including the Prime Minister the Hon.Kevin Rudd, many members of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, National Breast Cancer Foundation representatives, Urologists and members from St Vincent's Campus and Garvan Institute.

It was a very special launch of this high powered DVD which aims to help newly diagnosed men and their families throughout Australia. Monies raised from the sale of the DVD go towards ongoing research into prostate cancer and continues the St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Centre commitment to education and raising awareness of this major health problem.

Assoc. Prof. Phillip Stricker, Prime Minister the Hon. Kevin Rudd,
Treasurer the Hon. Wayne Swan, Prof. Robert Sutherland - Garvan Institute

Treasurer the Hon. Wayne Swan, Prime Minister the Hon. Kevin Rudd,
Alan Jones AO

Graeme Johnson - chairman PCFA, Treasurer the Hon. Wayne Swan,
Assoc. Prof. Phillip Stricker, Alan Jones, Mr David Sandoe - deputy chairman PCFA

Robotic Training at Greenslopes Hospital, Queensland.
4 Febraury 2009

A/Prof Phillip Stricker completes mentoring a team of surgeons on using the Da Vinci robot.The 3 day robotic workshop was held at Greenslopes Hospital, the first robotic centre in Queensland.

Robotic Cases for 2008
29 December 2008

The number of robotic operations for A/Prof Stricker and his team continue to increase. For the year ending in Decemebr 2008 they had the highest number of operations recorded in Australia.

World Leader in Robotic Surgery Visits St Vincents

Dr Vip Patel, one of the world leaders in robotic radical prostatectomy surgery, was the visiting “Steggles Fellow” at a conference held at St Vincent’s Private Hospital and Clinic at the end of 2007. During the two and a half day conference Dr Patel performed several live operations as well as presenting interesting lectures. The conference, convened by A/Prof. Phillip Stricker was attended by Urologists from Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Patel has recently moved from Ohio to Florida where he has set up a state of the art robotic centre. He is an internationally recognised expert in minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery. His experience of more than 2,000 robotic prostatectomies is one of the largest in the world. For over 20 years, the St Vincent’s Urology Department has continued the tradition of the Steggles Fellowship. This commenced after Mr Steggles made a generous donation dedicated to the education of urologists at St Vincent’s for improving the delivery of care particularly for urological cancers. The conference is held every two years and includes an international speaker who is at the forefront of their speciality.

Steggles Conference

A/Prof Phillip Stricker convenes international conference on robotic surgery with international acclaimed robotic surgeon Prof Vip Patel.

200th robotic case

St Vincent's Hospital its 200th robotic surgery. A/Prof Stricker said he was very pleased with the results of his robotic radical prostatectomies.

Robotic prostate surgery at St Vincent's Hospital

A/Prof Stricker was recently to present his initial results at the 2nd World Robotic Symposium in America. This was convened by the world leader in robotic prostatectomy Prof Vip Patel. A/Prof Stricker's initial results show excellent results with low poitive margin rates and good continence. He said it will take longer to evaluate the initial potency results but his initial impression is very favourable.

A/Prof Stricker starts the first robotic prostate surgery program in NSW.

St. Vincent's Private hospital recently acquired a da Vinci Robotic system. Following an intensive training program both locally and overseas, A. Professor Stricker has now initiated the first robotic surgery program in NSW. Robotic radical prostatectomy is now one of the latest minimally invasive options available to our patients with promising results both in cancer control and side-effects. Click here for more information