Welcome to the website of the St. Vincent’s Prostate Cancer Centre at St. Vincent’s Clinic, Sydney.

In authoring the content for this site my main concern was to help men and their families to better understand the disease and treatment options. I have spent over twenty years researching and treating prostate cancer. In that time I have performed the largest series of nerve sparing radical prostatectomy surgeries (the majority of which are now being performed robotically) and brachytherapies in Australasia.

Robotic surgery now offers us a less invasive way of performing radical prostatectomy and is being increasingly utiilised. It is from this position of being able to offer most forms of therapy for prostate cancer that my team and I can give the sort of information and advice that will assist patients to understand the appropriate treatment for their particular localised prostate cancer. And then for each patient tailor an optimal treatment programme.

If you would like an opinion you may click on this link and complete and submit the detailed assessment form. By doing this it will allow us to respond with some preliminary advice about the choice of therapy for your prostate cancer. For a complete evaluation and specific advice a clinical consultation will need to be organised.

The Prostate Cancer Centre is committed to alerting men to early detection and avoidance of this condition and getting the best outcome for men already afflicted. The web affords us an excellent two way information channel that helps us to do just that. It is my sincere hope that you find the information useful and I urge you to recommend this website to those who could benefit from it.


Phillip Stricker

Associate Professor Stricker is Chairman of the Department of Urology at St. Vincent's Clinic in Sydney, Director of the St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Clinic, Director of Uro-oncology research at St Vincent's Clinic, Department of Urology and Conjoint Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of New South Wales.