Our Mission

The St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Research Centre has a mission to improve prostate cancer outcomes and the care men and their families receive during their prostate cancer journey. Since its inception in 2004 the Centre has had and continues to have success in this thanks to a national and international network of centres of excellence and their talented researchers. The high quality and cutting edge clinical and tranlsational research performed drives the great advances made in the selection and treatment of patients. I can assert this confidently since it too is based on research run by the Garvan and aptly called the "quality of life outcomes in patients undergoing emerging techniques for the treatment of localised postate cancer". I initiated this prospective study back in 2007 and it tells us that the quality of life for those men who suffer or will suffer from prostate cancer has significanlty improved.

The main mandate of the Research Centre is to perform clinical and translational research in collaboration with the clinicians of St Vincent's Campus including The Nuclear Medicine and Theranostics Centre, The Genesis Radiotherapy Centre, The Medical Oncology Centre, The Men’s Health Centre, The Genetics Centre as well as the scientists at the Garvan Institute of Medical Science and The Kinghorn Cancer Centre.

That said, there are a host of other centres with which we have long standing, highly valuable and ongoing collaborations. Nationally they include Imed Radiology, Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, Royal North Shore Hospital, St George Hospital, Liverpool Hospital, Monash University, the Wesley Urology Centre and the Epworth Research Centre. Internationally we collaborate with Sloan Kettering, the Netherlands Cancer Institute, University College Hospital London, the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University and Toronto University.

Finally I would add that in my role as a doctor who cares for prostate cancer patients my team and I have relied on research to bring innovative treatments into clinical practice. Urologists here at St Vincent's and elsewhere are certainly indebted to the extraordinary output of the St Vincent's Cancer Research Centre.

Professor Phil Stricker


Our Research Team

  • Prof Phillip Stricker
    Prof Phillip Stricker


    Co Director

  • Dr James Thompson
    Dr James Thompson


  • Dr Matthijs Scheltema
    Dr Matthijs Scheltema

    International Post Doctoral Researcher

  • Dr Bart Geboers
    Dr Bart Geboers

    International Research Fellow

  • Dr Alex Blazevski
    Dr Alex Blazevski

    Research Fellow

  • Paul Doan
    Dr Paul Doan

    Research Fellow

  • Dr William Gondoputro
    Dr William Gondoputro

    Research Fellow

  • Dr Athos Katelaris
    Dr Athos Katelaris

    Research Fellow

  • Shikha Agrawal
    Ms Shikha Agrawal

    Clinical Trial Coordinator

  • Jayne Matthews
    Ms Jayne Matthews

    Clinical Trial Coordinator

  • Anne-Maree Haynes
    Ms Anne-Maree Haynes

    Biobank Data Manager

  • Daniella Barreto
    Ms Daniella Barreto

    Biobank Data Manager

  • Zhixin Liu
    Dr Zhixin Liu


Our Collaborators


Our BioBank collection and related CANSTO database is amongst the largest of its type in the world. The database contains almost 16,000 records of men with prostate cancer. There are many national and international studies conducted into radical prostatectomy and other treatments that rely on this extensive resource of fixed and fresh tissues, blood and other specimens and documentation. Established in 1994 at the Garvan this is a remarkable achievement.

Another standout in our clinical research is the ongoing quality of life longitudinal study. It follows patients after prostate cancer treatment with Nanoknife or Radical Prostatectomy performed by doctors from St. Vincent’s Clinic.

More recently our research into PSMA PET scanning that culminated in the “PRIMARY” study published in European Urology is ground-breaking. It looked at the diagnostic value of these imaging modalities and pointed the way to a future where less men with an elevated PSA will have biopsies and where less cancers will be missed.

Whilst the PRIMARY study was recognised as the Best Scientific Paper published in European Urology in 2021 it is important not to forget the depth and range of all our contributions to the literature. Over 200 peer reviewed international publications have resulted from the Centre's research to date. The impact has been considerable and is itself a remarkable achievement.


Education is also an integral part of the St Vincents Prostate Cancer Research Center. Research fellows are employed annually, often achieving a masters or PhD during their one to two year training fellowships.

Lisa Horvath PhD, Dr James Thompson PhD and Alexander Blazevski PhD are notable alumni and current collaborators. Lisa is now Director of Research Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and committee member of the BioBank at The Garvan Institute of Medical Research. James is a consulting urology surgeon at St George, St Vincent’s Clinic and Hurstville and Honorary VMO St Vincent’s, Australia. He is principal investigator on the current multi-centre project PIAS study. Alexandar Blazevski PhD is a Urology resident at Liverpool Hospital. He collaborates on research projects in Focal Irreversible Electroporation (IRE), PSMA/MRI Imaging, Robotic Surgery and Immunotherapy for prostate cancer.

Doctors Richard Savdie (Masters), James Symons (Masters) and Kris Rasiah (PhD) were all fellows of our program. Outstanding urologists, they continue to participate in prostate cancer research and are all collaborators in the PIAS study. There are many others and most go on to make important contributions to research and/or to urology generally.

The educational program is both vital and productive, and is considered an indispensable part of the St Vincents Prostate Cancer Research Center.

Advisory Committee

Paul Warren
Heidi Bayliss
CEO SVH Private
Prof Terry Campbell
Head of Research St Vincent’s Campus
Prof Phillip Stricker
Director PCRC
Dr James Thomson PhD
Assoc Prof Steve Callister
National Chairman PCFA
Peter Falk
Trustee St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation
Jayne Matthews RN
Geoff Dickson
Brent Potts
Brian White